• December 5th

The Observer

For the longest time, Morocco was on my travel wish list, more specifically Marrakech. After Nigeria, which is my second home, I haven’t visited any other African country, so this was an interesting experience.

Having visited over the Islamic festival of Eid, I was ready for all the meals that Marrakech would offer. Obviously I didn’t get the memo as everywhere was shut. I fast became an observer, watching the locals prep their meat with great care and joy. However, despite not being able to participate, it was a lovely sight to see.

Thankfully, there was a little roadside barbecue spot which transformed my Eid experience with their well seasoned chicken skewers and Kefta stuffed rolls.

I thought this was the highlight of my day, until I found myself at a spice shop which was recommended by the taxi driver.

The shop was filled with all sorts of spices, herbs and tea, as well as beauty products. Thats to the recommendation, my house has now been graced with various spices and tea. My favourites, and now staples, from the haul are the the dried Harissa spice mix and Berber tea.

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